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Frutas "RUBIMAR"
Santomera MURCIA (Spain)
Tlfno: 968 86 51 95

Welcome Fruits Rubimar.

Almacén Principal de Frutas RubimarWe are a company dedicated to the collection, handling and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially Oranges and Lemons.

Most of our production is for domestic market. We also export to European Union countries, Eastern Europe and the United States.

Our warehouse is locate in Santomera, Murcia town, bordering the province of Alicante, whose slogan "The limonar Europe" clearly states what the main socio-economic activity in the area.

Our modern machinery processing, packaging and labeling, we can offer a wide variety of options when choosing the most suitable format, according to the market and target the specific needs of each client.

See without compromise.


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