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Frutas "RUBIMAR"
Santomera MURCIA (Spain)
Tlfno: 968 86 51 95

Fruits Rubimar export and import

Joaquin Perez Gonzalez - Gerente Fruits Rubimar

JOAQUIN GONZALEZ PEREZ, a company founded in 1996 and located in southeastern Spain, Santomera (Murcia),"The lemon grove in Europe", and reads the slogan of this town of Murcia, surrounded by mountains and citrus mainly.

Our business is predominantly agricultural, we are dedicated to the collection, handling, manufacture and import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables, and our main job of the lemon, as this area of Spain has the right climate, sunshine and warm temperatures nearly all year, that improve the quality of citrus.

We have a modern warehouse, with all the necessary technology and machinery for washing, fitting and labeling of our products.


Warehouse Fruits RubimaMore than a company that we are a family formed a team (field, warehouse, office...) and compact dynamic work, whose purpose and goal is that our products in stock up to reach its destination in optimum quality and punctuality.

Today our lemon has been marketed in addition to Spain, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Russia, Poland, United States, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


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